By now we all are thoroughly educated on the importance of keeping our hands clean, but most especially during times such as the coronavirus pandemic. I know, personally, I had a lot to learn at the beginning and I am thankful that I now understand better how soap, water and sanitizers work. So I wanted to share just a little of what I have learned with you.

When I realized early on that I was not going to be able to purchase hand sanitizer from local stores, I experienced  one of those moments where “necessity is the mother of invention” – literally defined as “when the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it.” And I realized that I had access to many, if not all, of the ingredients used to make hand sanitizer. With ingredients at hand, the harder part became understanding how they work and what is effective and what is not, especially against viruses. Finally my biology degree paid off! But first, let’s discuss soap and water – by far the most effective method of killing viruses.

Soap & Water

Under the microscope, coronaviruses are protein molecules that appear to be covered with pointy spires, giving them the appearance of having a crown or “corona” — hence the name. Beneath this crown is the outer layer of the virus made up of fatty lipids. Soap and alcohol are very effective in dissolving this greasy, fatty lipid coating of the virus. And when you get rid of that outer layer,  it physically inactivates the virus, so it can’t bind to and enter human cells anymore. Continue washing for 20 seconds, generating lots of foam, then rinse all the dead or injured germs down the drain! Add a little aromatherapy to the whole experience – our lavender liquid hand soap contains 2% lavender essential oil to provide lots of aroma and take away lots of “corona” stress!  

Alcohol Sanitizers

When soap and water are not available, alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be as effective as soap in penetrating the lipid coating of the virus. Alcohol hand sanitizers, both spray and gel, need to have at least 60% alcohol, with 70% being the ideal range. When using a gel sanitizer you need to apply a large dollop and rub generously on your palms, back of hands and between your fingers. When using a spray, the same rule applies – spray generously and rub all areas of your hands and fingers. An added benefit of using spray sanitizers is that you can also spray other surfaces such as counters, steering wheels, doorknobs, etc. We like to pair our lavender liquid soap with our lavender spray gel sanitizer – an aloe vera gel made with lavender essential oil and lavender flower water!

The Little Herb House Sanitizer Products

Here’s our “mother of invention” line-up of sanitizers!

Lavender Spray Gel – our favorite here at The Little Herb House! This spray form of lavender aloe vera gel delivers a 70% alcohol concentration, combined with lavender aloe vera gel, lavender flower water, and three essential oils – lavender, lemon and tree tea.

Hand Sanitizer Spray – Original Formula  – our original formula of The Little Herb House sanitizer spray! This spray delivers a 70% alcohol concentration combined with water, our Little Herb House moisturizing spray base, glycerin and three essential oils – lemon, eucalyptus and tree tea (all 3 of these essential oils are known for their antiviral properties). This spray sanitizer is ideal for not only spraying on your hands, but also all surfaces such as counters, door handles, your car, etc.

Hand Sanitizer Gel – Original Formula – our original formula of The Little Herb House sanitizer gel! This gel delivers a 70% alcohol concentration combined with aloe vera gel and three essential oils – lemon, eucalyptus and tree tea. This refreshing gel sanitizer is ideal for rubbing on your hands – upon drying, your hands will be left moisturized and soft from the aloe vera gel, with a refreshing herbal fragrance of lemon and eucalyptus!

In conclusion, I have learned that I have been pretty slack in keeping my hands clean! I wish it had not taken a pandemic for me to learn this important lesson in wellness. Rest assured I will now always have these sanitizers stocked in my home for my family. And, as has been true for the past 20 years, Little Herb House liquid soap can’t be beat!

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